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This week, two friends have their books coming out, and they’re throwing parties–shh, one of them is a secret!

Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen has their Adventures in Starry Kitchen book coming out today!  If you go to, you can find links to order.  Also keep an eye out on their website, Facebook, and other social media for some special events later this week!

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In less than 3 weeks (June.. 6TH?!?😭😂😭) I join the elite ranks of Ernest Hemingway @paulocoelho and… @justinbieber 😱(you better "belieb" it👍) as an AuthOOOOOOR!! I had the first world privilege of spending the last 2 years pouring as much humor, never ending failure+behind-the-scenes humility and semantic recipe detail (incl recalculating illegal+underground measurements for EVERY recipe, if you want a jump start on your own illicit "place" 🙇🏻 #pleaseinviteme) as I could into this… BOOK!📕 And if you didn't know, it's just as much memoir as it is a cookbook with stories in between+IN every recipe too AND shit just got 💯REAL when I got THESE last week (included a hilarious "Bananas", banana from my loving editor @milesdoyle 🍌😏) I'm fucking proud of it and still can't believe it! Will it be a commercial success+get on that pie-in-the-sky (btw, what flavor pie is it anyway, I'd like to know+have a slice of this pie please 😝) @nytimes best seller list? Will I get a razzie? Am I still scared shitless (answer: YES😣) Does any of this really fucking matter?!? Not really, but we sure as hell ain't gonna stop pushing, would love for y'all to come along for the ride🤘 and keep shooting for the mother fuckin' STAAAAARS💫 (*whoosh!*😆) This book's for all of you that have supported us through the years. This book is for the many that have tolerated me+have some how become fans despite… Me! LOL This book will hopefully serve as inspiration for you guys who want to do more and consider that we were (+still are😉) a simple couple who had no experience, no idea and no other choice in the economic crash than starting an underground restaurant JUST to see where it would take them… And here we are now, #failingupwards together, with all of you.✊ Thanks kids. Let's enjoy the weekend, but really… LIFE!! (and don't ever hesitate to invite us too🙌🙌🙌😁) #ernesthemingway #ernesthemingwayrollinginhisgrave #paolocoelho #paolocoelhocomingafterme #belieberbook4ever #adventuresinstarrykitchen #starrykitchen #skbookhustlin

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Bill Esparza of Tacolandia fame (see last post) has his book, L.A. Mexicano, coming out this week too, and he’s got a talk and book signing, at Vroman’s in Pasadena.  $35 gets you entry to the event, a copy of the book, and food from two of my favorite chefs–Gilberto Cetina Jr. (Chichen Itza, Holbox) and Eddie Ruiz (Public Wine & Beer).  That’s a pretty darn good deal!


StarChefs just announced their 2017 Los Angeles Rising Stars: Why They Shine list andmenu throwing a gala next week to celebrate.  The line-up is impressive, from Johnny Zone of Howlin’ Ray’s to Vartan Abgaryan of 71 Above and so much more!  Check out the and you’ll understand.  Tickets are $95 for GA and $125 for VIP w/private reception (and caviar!) at Vibiana.

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Exactly 2 weeks 'til #LARisingStars at @vibianaevents! If you'll be in LA on 6/13, make sure you get a ticket (link in bio) so you can experience 17 dishes, 17 pairings, and 3 cocktails from the city's hottest up-and-coming culinary professionals. Big thank you to the #StarChefs sponsors who believe in + support the 2017 class of award-winning chefs, pastry chefs, bartenders, artisans, and sommeliers: @symrisena | @steeliteusa | @compassgroupusa | @sanpellegrino_us | @bombaysapphireus | @vitamix | @kitchenaidusa | @KikkomanFS | @royalbasmati | @mtuckerco | Minor's | @lonemountainwagyu | @taylorshellfish | @meyernatural | @freshoriginsmicrogreens | @PolyScience | @sturiausa | #foodsfromspain | @meiko_us | @rational_ag | @AmericanMetalcraft |@montague_company | Whip-it!

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