Month: March 2015

  • Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails

    Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails

    I’m not sure how I came across it, but I recently “discovered” Barlo Kitchen + Cocktails at the Hotel Irwin in Venice, just a block from the beach.  Like Fork in the Road in Santa Monica, Barlo is one of those places that’s pretty much flown under the radar of most food publications–a few “now […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Offal Tacos

    Check out my first piece for L.A. Taco: A Beginner’s Guide to Offal Tacos (Intro and Part One) by clicking the banner below: Part Two and Part Three should be out this coming week!

  • République


    It’s funny, I’ve seen République appear on a few “Best New Restaurant” type lists at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, but I haven’t thought of République as new for quite some time.  I first visited the restaurant when it was actually new, in November 2013, the month it opened, and it […]

  • The Independence in Santa Monica

    The Independence in Santa Monica

    Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade-adjacent Asian-fusion restaurant Buddha’s Belly closed last year and reopened in January of this year as The Independence.  Initially, the kitchen was to be headed up by b.o.s. chef David Bartnes, but those plans fell through.  Instead, chef Tom Block, formerly of Beelman’s Pub, helms the back of the house.  Earlier […]

  • L.A. Weekly The Essentials 2015

    L.A. Weekly The Essentials 2015

    L.A. Weekly‘s “The Essentials” event took place this past weekend at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles, the same week that their 99 Essential Restaurants 2015 list was released.  This was just the second “Essentials” events, with the inaugural one just last year after a break in 2013, coming off of four years […]