The Coloffalon


Uh, no.  A “coloffalon” is a play on “colophon”.  This, however, is obviously not a traditional print colophon, which would contain publishing information.  It’s not even a traditional web colophon, which would contain information on tools used to develop the site and the web standards the site conformed to.  Instead, I will cover some general topics related to this blog, like…


Most of the my photographs are taken on an iPhone 5 (formerly an iPhone 4S).  The biggest advantage to the iPhone is that it’s nearly always with me, and is unobtrusive when dining.  The biggest disadvantage is the low-light performance, which is excellent for a camera phone, but still not good enough in darker venues, as I choose not to use the flash in restaurants.  Of course, it also does not have the manual shutter and aperture controls, but I am experimenting with using it to take close-up shots of food to force depth of field.  Recently I’ve started using photos that I’ve posted to my Instagram account.


Since I will be writing blog posts using a variety of hardware and software, I may not easily be able to input proper accents while writing a post.  I’ll strive to be consistent within a post at the least, but a post may say “pate” and “shochu” instead of “pâté” and “shōchū”.  I’m trying to be more “correct” in my accent usage, but sometimes I will eschew them altogether.

Also, I may not italicize non-English terms, or may only italicize them the first time I use them, which matches the style guides of many publications.  Also, I will generally only italicize those foreign terms that I think might be unfamiliar to many of my readers, but please don’t be insulted if I italicize a foreign word that you think everyone should already know.  I don’t know what you don’t know.


(I thought I made that word up, but it is apparently a real term.  I’m probably not using it as intended, though.  Just needed the rhyme.)  As with italicizing non-English terms, I simply cannot know what ingredients, cooking techniques, or previously-obscure terms my readers may already be familiar with.  Since I’d like my blog to be useful, I’ve decided to err on the side of providing more information, rather than less, as I’d prefer to have my more informed readers skim the stuff they already know than have other readers completely lost.


The blog will generally focus on restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area.  As I live on the “Westside”, the majority of my dining experiences will naturally occur in local neighborhoods, e.g., Brentwood, Culver City, Mar Vista, Palms, Santa Monica, Venice, West L.A.  However, I do travel on occasion and have made it a personal goal to document my dining experiences wherever I go.

Last updated November 2013.


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