The Offalo

Who is “The Offalo”?

I am a husband, father, gamer, nerd, and professional computer geek.  I’ve enjoyed food all my life but only recently gotten into writing about my dining experiences.  I started because I wanted to document what I liked and what I didn’t like, and I fully admit that I get a thrill when someone finds something I wrote helpful in some way.

What is an “Offalo” anyway?

To maintain a modicum of anonymity, I had always planned on using a pseudonym for my food blogs.  After I settled on “Offal Offal” for the name of my [now defunct] offal-related blog, while checking to see if was already registered,  the neologism “offalo” (from the first six letters of the domain name) just leaped out at me.  It reminded me of “buffalo” and the children’s book character “The Gruffalo“.

So, I decided to call myself “The Offalo” and the site  Silly, I know, but hopefully it’s a signal to my readers that I won’t be taking myself too seriously here.

How do you pronounce “Offalo”?

Some people pronounce it o-FAL-o, but I pronounce it like I would pronounce the word “offal” (which varies between sounding like “awful” and sounding like O-full) and then tacking an o at the end.  So “offal-o” kinda like buffalo.  Also, since I’m @theoffalo on Instagram and Twitter, I’ve been called “Theo F. Fallo” before.  Heh.

Why Start a Blog?

A variety of reasons, but mostly to maintain control of what I have to say and how I say it.  Also, food review sites like Yelp and Chowhound don’t have good ways of embedding images with captions inline with the text of a review, so readers have to clumsily switch back and forth between descriptions of dishes in one browser tab/window and photos in another browser tab/window.  Come on people, it’s 2013 2014!

What happened to

I discovered maintaining two blogs is harder than maintaining one.  Go figure.  Also, I just didn’t eat enough offal on a regular basis to generate enough content for that site.  I am working on moving the posts and images over from, but I just haven’t carved time out to do so.

Last updated August 2014.


4 responses to “The Offalo”

  1. kevin Avatar

    What’s your email Offalo ? For some reason, I can’t access it through the email link. It’s kevin, man.

  2. andi r Avatar
    andi r

    what are your five favorite ramen places is LA area?

    1. The Offalo Avatar

      My favorites are the two Tsujitas on Sawtelle, across from each other. Santouka is probably next, followed by Hayatemaru. I really enjoyed the tantanmen at Asian-Ya recently.

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