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  • Beer Belly

    Beer Belly

    There’s something refreshingly contradictory about a restaurant that serves unhealthy food made with care and quality ingredients.  Beer Belly is one such paradox.  The menu is unabashedly heavy on the deep fried, melted cheese, and quack, quack, quack!  My family and I headed down to Koreatown in January to break our healthy eating new year’s […]

  • Burgers & Beer 2015 by LA Weekly

    Burgers & Beer 2015 by LA Weekly

    On Saturday, August 8, 2015, LA Weekly held its first Burgers & Beer event at the LA Memorial Coliseum.  40+ restaurants and 30+ breweries were represented.  I tried a little over a dozen burgers, mostly in sliders form, and around a dozen beer samples, poured into a shot glass-sized plastic beer mug. For being an […]

  • August Food Festivals, Pop-Ups, and Sundry Events

    To paraphrase the 1960s band The Zombies, it’s the time of the season for food festivals and other events, and August is replete with them: This past weekend saw the Big Bite Bacon Fest in Long Beach; my recap is forthcoming.  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek.   This Saturday, August 8th, I’ll be […]

  • Umami Burger’s Tasting Menu

    Umami Burger’s Tasting Menu

    Last month, I was invited to try Umami Burger‘s 9-Course Tasting Menu challenge!  I gathered up three poker buddies and descended on Umami’s Hollywood location on a cloudy Saturday afternoon.  Two and a half hours later, we had worked our way through 3 appetizers, 8 burgers, 3 full-sized cocktails, and 2 small pours each of […]

  • The Misfit’s $5 Bar Fly Lunches in Santa Monica

    The Misfit’s $5 Bar Fly Lunches in Santa Monica

    [Update, January 2015:  The Bar Fly Lunch menu has changed somewhat.  The burger is no longer available as a $5 lunch option, replaced with a chicken salad, and some of the other items moved days of the week.] If someone asks you what Santa Monica is known for, as far as food goes, there are […]