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  • L.A. Weekly The Essentials 2015

    L.A. Weekly The Essentials 2015

    L.A. Weekly‘s “The Essentials” event took place this past weekend at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles, the same week that their 99 Essential Restaurants 2015 list was released.  This was just the second “Essentials” events, with the inaugural one just last year after a break in 2013, coming off of four years […]

  • Sushi Tsujita Serving Lunch 7 Days a Week

    Sushi Tsujita Serving Lunch 7 Days a Week

    It has been nearly a half-year since my dinner omakase at Sushi Tsujita.  I haven’t been back for dinner since, but I have returned several times for lunch, where they have an assortment of chirashi/sashimi/donburi, raw fish and other ingredients, served on top of sushi rice. Special for lunch, they have $15 Chirashi Bowl that includes […]

  • Torihei Yakitori Robata Dining

    Torihei Yakitori Robata Dining

    Yakitori is, to borrow my friend Chris Hei’s oft-used phrase, so hot right now, to the point where trolls come to Chowhound to stir up trouble about whether the (in)famous Little Tokyo yakitori-ya Kokekokko (Chris’s review) would actually be closing permanently or reopening elsewhere after shuttering their current location next month (alas, the mods have […]

  • b.o.s. (Beef. Offal. Sustainable.), a review

    b.o.s. (Beef. Offal. Sustainable.), a review

    In a cozy, 24-seat space next to venerable Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo, b.o.s. (beef. offal. sustainable.) has been trying to entice potential diners to experience their beef-centric, nose-to-tail concept since late 2013.  Despite positive reviews by press, blogs, and customers alike, business never really picked up, and, unfortunately, b.o.s. will be serving their last […]

  • Sushi Tsujita Dinner Omakase

    Sushi Tsujita Dinner Omakase

    Sushi Tsujita 2006 Sawtelle Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025 310-231-1177 — Sushi has never been more ubiquitous in Los Angeles.  A quick Yelp search, limiting the query just to sushi bars in the “Sawtelle” neighborhood (defined generously as the area bounded by Wilshire/National to the north and south, and Sepulveda/Centinela to the east and […]