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  • Jinya Ramen Bar (Santa Monica)

    Jinya Ramen Bar (Santa Monica)

    I’ve never been to Ramen Jinya in Studio City, the first U.S. location of Jinya ramen bars that was lauded in 2010 by both Rickmond Wong, the Rameniac, and by Jonathan Gold, then of L.A. Weekly.  I hadn’t gotten to try the short-lived Sawtelle Boulevard outpost, even though it was much closer to me than […]

  • Torihei Yakitori Robata Dining

    Torihei Yakitori Robata Dining

    Yakitori is, to borrow my friend Chris Hei’s oft-used phrase, so hot right now, to the point where trolls come to Chowhound to stir up trouble about whether the (in)famous Little Tokyo yakitori-ya Kokekokko (Chris’s review) would actually be closing permanently or reopening elsewhere after shuttering their current location next month (alas, the mods have […]

  • Sushi Tsujita: A Conversation with Kenta Ikehata

    Sushi Tsujita: A Conversation with Kenta Ikehata

    Update:  My dinner omakase at Sushi Tsujita review is up! — As I drive into Little Osaka, I spy the long lines outside both Tsujita L.A. Artisan Noodle and Tsujita Annex, across from each other on Sawtelle Boulevard. Mid-afternoon. In the summer heat. Those hoping that the crowds will be thinned, or at least redistributed, […]

  • Bar Tartine, Fujiyoshi (San Francisco: Day Two)

    Bar Tartine, Fujiyoshi (San Francisco: Day Two)

    I am in San Francisco this week for WWDC (Apple‘s Worldwide Developers Conference). I found out a few months ago I’d be able to attend, so of course, I made a list and asked for advice beforehand. Now that I’m here, I plan on posting a report as quickly as possible for each day, to […]

  • Ramen Hayatemaru (Revisitings)

    Ramen Hayatemaru (Revisitings)

    I (generally) devote a single post to my first visit to a new place (e.g., most recently Gjelina, Littlefork, Pizzeria Mozza) or for great individual meals at familiar haunts (e.g., Shunji, Kiriko), but I have a rotation of places I like to visit regularly that I haven’t posted on recently.  So I will be working […]