Tastemade Gallivant

Tastemade, the LA-based food-centric video network, used to hold these free food events called Bite Clubs.  I attended a few and always had a great time, especially at their Mardi Gras-themed one earlier this year.  They hadn’t held one in a while, but then recently they announced that they were launching a new event series called Tastemade Gallivant.

While the previous events were always free, this new one would cost $40, but the line-up, which included  Nancy Silverton (Mozza Restaurant Group), David LeFevre (MB Post, Fishing with Dynamite, The Arthur J), Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (Animal, Son of a Gun, Jon & Vinny’s), Ray Garcia (Broken Spanish, B.S. Taqueria), and Ari Taymor (Alma) made the price well worth it.

In addition to the headliners above, we were plied with tasty bites from a half dozen other participants, including Howlin’ Ray’s (review), Belcampo Meat Co. (review), Smoke’s Poutinerie, Starry Kitchen, Phorage, and Corazon y Miel.  For drinks, beer from Goose Island, wines from Cape Classic, and cocktails from Freddy Smalls, Corazon y Miel, and Broken Spanish lubricated the guests.  Desserts were handled by Paloma’s Paletas and event sponsor Tillamook, who handed out ice cream sandwiches!

Despite having thrown several Bite Clubs in their studios in the past, Tastemade Gallivant was not without its first-time jitters.  While past events have always been packed and lively, it never felt overwhelming.  Gallivant felt too crowded at times, and, because Tastemade placed some of the participants outside, including along a narrow alleyway leading up to the studio, gridlock was a real issue.

I was able to try all the dishes at the event, but I noticed some of the participants ran out of food really quickly.  While Alma was billed as hosting the hour-long Early Access period, I think folks with General Admission tickets probably assumed they would be able to try chef Ari Taymor’s food, but they pretty much stopped serving right as the main event started.  Likewise, a comment on Instagram stated that Jon & Vinny already ran out of their dish by 7:35 PM, just 5 minutes after GA folks were let in.

Overall, I still think the inaugural Tastemade Gallivant event was a roaring success, and I look forward to the next one.  I think if Tastemade reduces the number attendees just by a little bit, it would be that much better!

Below are some of my favorite bites and/or shots from the event; fortunately the two coincided rather frequently.  For all of my pictures from Tastemade Gallivant, check out hashtag #offalogallivant on Instagram!

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Tastemade Gallivant
Tastemade Studios
1814 Berkeley St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

29. September 2015 by The Offalo
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