Los Angeles Magazine The Food Event 2015

On Sunday, October 18, 2015, Los Angeles Magazine held its 10th annual The Food Event.  Of all the food festivals I’ve attended this year, this one had the best setting.  Nestled in a little valley inside the mountains above Malibu, Saddlerock Ranch hosts a vineyard, horses, exotic animals, and, on that day, over 30 of the top restaurants in L.A.

Some of my favorite bites from the event were Leona‘s Kuri Curry Soup, The Church Key‘s Shrimp Tostada, and Simbal‘s Beef Tartare.

My top three dishes of the event were Birch‘s Salmon Tartare, Cadet‘s Headcheese Fritters and Sweetfin Poke‘s Smoked Salmon Poke.

Other highlights included Terrine‘s Kris Morningstar serving various parts of whole hogs throughout the event.  I got to try the Roasted Pork Shoulder and Porchetta.

For sweets, I really enjoyed Leona’s Adult Cereal and The Church Key’s Sex on the Beach Otter Pops, both of which combined alcohol and dessert!  For more on-the-wagon treats, California Donuts had a plethora of colorful and tasty doughnuts!

I was very impressed with The Food Event.  The line-up of restaurants and the setting combined made one of the best events I’ve attended this year, maybe even the top one!  This being my first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now I can’t wait for next year!

For more from The Food Event, check out hashtag #offalofoodevent on Instagram!

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Los Angeles Magazine’s The Food Event
Saddlerock Ranch
31727 Mullholland Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

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