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Komodo is a small, family-owned business consisting of a food truck and two cafes, serving Indonesian-Mexican-inspired food.  While I’m relatively close to the Venice location, and I had enjoyed the couple of food festival bites I’d had from Komodo, what got me to finally go into the shop was their Indomie Burrito special back in November:

As you can see, Komodo likes to mash up different cuisines, and they do it quite successfully.  The ramen burrito, while definitely starch-heavy, was really delicious, and actually quite handy to eat on the go.  The Indomie was only available for a month, after which they brought back their popular Phorrito:

Unfortunately, the Phorrito is also seasonal and just wrapped up its run.  Sorry to be a tease.  But those items did their job and got us into the shop, where I found many unexpected dishes on their regular menu that my family and I enjoyed quite a bit.

The most popular item with my wife and kids were the Fire Roasted Corn on the Cob; we ended up getting multiple orders of it.  One dish I really wanted to try was the Kimchi Nachos, which my older daughter—who loves kimchi—scoffed at, but after she tried it, she was hooked!

We did try a variety of their tacos, and liked them all.  My younger daughter was a fan of the Signature taco, with its uncomplicated ingredients:  steak, guac, cheese.  My wife liked the Fish n’ Grapes taco.  I really enjoyed the breakfasty steak-and-eggs MP3 taco.

The unlimited refill agua frescas and lemonades were excellent too!  We haven’t had time to go back more recently, but we’re glad to know there’s a solid place doing inventive yet comforting and delicious food near us.  And we’re looking forward to what new inventions they come up with.

Komodo will be at Taste of Night Market this Friday and Saturday.  Tickets are still available!  Here’s a bonus shot of the Kimchi Nachos:

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Komodo Venice
235 Main Street
Venice, CA  90291
(310) 255-6742

04. February 2016 by The Offalo
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