California Spirit 31 for American Cancer Society (2016)

California Spirit is an annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  In it’s 31st(!) year, the event is relatively small in scale, with only a dozen or so participating restaurants, but they managed to raise over $100k this year.  The event was chaired by movie studio executive Sherry Lansing, co-creator of Everybody Loves Raymond and food enthusiast Phil Rosenthal, and founder and former partner of Sprout Group Bill Chait.  This year the event honored and spotlighted oncology nurses.

The assortment of food available, despite the small number of participants, were quite varied and delicious!  Wallflower brought a Indonesian ceviche while BOA served a mini-bone in filet medallion.

Highlights for me included the charcuterie spread from The Cannibal, some cured salmon sashimi from Ox & Son, and Tavern’s poached shrimp!

It’s amazing to think that this event has been running for three decades, and also kind of disappointing that it’s had to run for so long.  But donating to the ACS and other organizations help to both support those who are afflicted with cancer and those who are trying to cure cancer.  Visit to see what you can do.

28. August 2016 by The Offalo
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