Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2016

Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival is one of two multi-day festivals at the end of the summer–the other is Los Angeles Times The Taste (see my September 2016 food event round-up post for more info on that event).  It is literally a red-carpet event, with Grand Avenue blocked off between 1st and 2nd Streets and decked out in crimson.  The three night-time events take place there, with the Walt Disney Concert Hall looming overhead, culminating in Live on Grand with a concert performance, this year by De La Soul!  I was invited to attend three of the events, Eat the World on Thursday night, Lexus Grand Tasting during the day on Saturday, and then Live on Grand.

Highlights from Eat the World include Patina Catering’s scallops w/fresh-shaved truffles, Chi SPACCA’s salumi, and The Blanchard’s foie gras cromesquis:


Highlights from the Lexus Grand Tasting included Tacklebox’s michelada shrimp ceviche, The Bellwether’s avocado gazpacho, and Chaya Downtown’s uni ice cream monaka:


Highlights from Live on Grand included watching a taping of POPSUGAR segment and watching chefs compete in an eating contest at the Barrel and Ashes booth:


Okay, the food highlights included Hamasaku’s ankimo and fish sashimi, chef Jason Dady’s frito pie, and chef Tyler Florence’s shrimp and grits:


Believe it or not, the above 9 dishes was less than a quarter of the dishes I posted to Instagram, and I had a few more beyond that too!  To see more, check out hashtag #offalolafw2016 on Instagram!

30. August 2016 by The Offalo
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