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Los Angeles Magazine‘s The Food Event would easily “podium” in a Most Beautiful L.A. Event Venue contest, probably winning top prize too.  Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu is a vineyard, winery, retirement home for exotic animals who worked in show biz, and more!  And for one day a year, it becomes one of the hottest food and wine festivals in L.A.!

On Sunday, October 16th, 30 Los Angeles-area restaurants, some veterans, some new, some that are yet to open, brought out some great grub to The Food Event.  I think I managed to try almost all of them, and posted at least two dozen dishes on Instagram at hashtag #offalofoodevent2016!

One noticeably popular ingredient at The Food Event was octopus!  No less than four restaurants–Baltaire, FIG, Hatchet Hall, and Felix–served the eight-legged beasts in all their char-grilled glory.  And they were among my favorite bites of the event:


Not to be outdone, beef also had strong showings, with the following dishes from Scopa Italian Roots and Everson Royce Bar garnering raves from the attendees, myself included:


Vegetarian dishes were also quite good, with the best entries from The Bellwether, FIG, and Erven:


The restaurant with the most interesting looking dish goes to Terranea, while Jitlada’s booth won best celebrity hangout, and Love & Salt had the best dessert, in my opinion!


As far as what my favorite dishes were from The Food Event, Felix’s octopus, ERB’s burger, and Erven’s dates were probably my top three, in no particular order!  Again you can check out most of the dishes I tried on Instagram at hashtag #offalofoodevent2016!  Thanks Los Angeles Magazine for another great event!

19. October 2016 by The Offalo
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