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  • The Wallace

    The Wallace

    Sometimes it takes visiting a new place to discover a, well, still relatively new place, but not as new as the newer new place.  Um, yeah.  Anyway, I “discovered” The Wallace when I went to check out Hanjip, a new Korean BBQ restaurant in Culver City–yes, I’m behind on my post for my visits there […]

  • Chaya Downtown Uki Uki Sundays

    Chaya Downtown Uki Uki Sundays

    In addition to the Wagyu Tasting Menu at all Chaya locations, Chaya Downtown recently started an “Uki Uki Sundays” menu–uki uki meaning to be happy and excited in Japanese. The menu is broken down into three sections, $5 for small plates, $10 for medium-sized items, and $25 for large sharable dishes. I recently got to […]

  • L.A. Weekly The Essentials 2015

    L.A. Weekly The Essentials 2015

    L.A. Weekly‘s “The Essentials” event took place this past weekend at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles, the same week that their 99 Essential Restaurants 2015 list was released.  This was just the second “Essentials” events, with the inaugural one just last year after a break in 2013, coming off of four years […]

  • VINU Wine Bar’s $25 Foie Gras Tasting

    VINU Wine Bar’s $25 Foie Gras Tasting

    If you’ve been living under a rock, you may have missed that the ban on selling foie gras in California has been lifted, though producing it in-state is still illegal.  My feelings on foie gras are not as clear cut as you may think, but suffice it to say I do eat it, and I’ll […]

  • Guerrilla Tacos Revisited

    Guerrilla Tacos Revisited

    Having my sister visit in October gave me a chance to introduce her to Night+Market Song.  It also gave me a chance to explore Grand Central Market.  One other “place” that she wanted to try while she was out, based on a previous post of mine, was Guerrilla Tacos.  Even though I only wrote them […]