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  • The Wallace

    The Wallace

    Sometimes it takes visiting a new place to discover a, well, still relatively new place, but not as new as the newer new place.  Um, yeah.  Anyway, I “discovered” The Wallace when I went to check out Hanjip, a new Korean BBQ restaurant in Culver City–yes, I’m behind on my post for my visits there […]

  • Rustic Canyon Wine Bar

    Rustic Canyon Wine Bar

    My wife and I were both born in June, so usually we do some epic eating this time of year.  For our last birthday, we had an amazing, simple, salmon-centric lunch at Shunji.  This year, we decided to celebrate with a pair of dinners at a pair of restaurants that Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb, […]

  • Michael’s Santa Monica

    Michael’s Santa Monica

    One of the mainstays of fine dining in Los Angeles, Michael’s in Santa Monica is a 36-year-old institution.  Through the years, its kitchen has been the training ground for some of the best chefs in the city, and the country. A 1997 L.A. Times article titled “The Six Degrees of Michael McCarty”—the online archive of […]

  • Manhattan Beach Post

    Manhattan Beach Post

    Chef David LeFevre‘s Manhattan Beach Post has been on my radar for the past year or so, and last month I finally got to go for dinner with my family after a long day at Disneyland (it’s kinda on the way back to the Westside from Anaheim), after failing to get in at its newly […]

  • Winter Omakase at Shunji

    Winter Omakase at Shunji

    [This is the first review in my “Three Winter Omakase” series. Winter Omakase Counter at Sushi Taro is the second. Winter Lunch Omakase at Kiriko will be the third.] Last month I returned to Shunji Nakao’s eponymous Japanese restaurant on Pico near Bundy for another amazing omakase experience.  I consider my first omakase there last […]